Headlight Restoration!

//Headlight Restoration!
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Yellow and Hazy headlights! Hard to see at nights! Have them restored and improve the brightness of the headlights but as much as 70%.

  • Headlight is a safety concern both for the driver and others on the road

Since the switch from glass to durable plastic headlights, over time, as the clear coat on your headlights wear out the sun oxidizes the vehicles lens creating a yellow haze on your headlights that take away the clarity. This can reduce the amount of light that is omitted by 70% or more which can create safety hazards at night.

  • Did you know that you can actually be ticketed for having hazy headlights!

Replacing the entire headlight can be costly and difficult. In some vehicles the entire front end of the vehicle needs to be removed to access the headlights, adding many hours of labor. We can restore your headlights at a fraction of that cost.

  • Our process can improve the brightness of your headlights by as much as 70%
  • Headlight Restoration can improve the look and value of your car
  • We warranty our work for one year for your piece of mind

We only use professional grade material. This is a three step process:

  1. Clean and remove the oxidization from the headlights
  2. Apply professional grade compound with consistent grit levels to bring out the clarity
  3. Seal the headlights for long lasting effect