Are you in need of a window regulator?  If your side windows have stopped operating, the Cedar Park auto glass repair service can inspect and repair or replace a faulty regulator/motor and have your window operate normally.

Having your windows not operating is not a good feeling especially in the Texas heat or on those cold or rainy days.  In most case we can have a regulator/motor in our shop the same day.   But if we have to order a part we can secure your window in the up position until the part has arrives.

Side Window Motor/Regulator Repair or Replacement

– Our experts technicians will inspect the problem and offer you the best option

– Remove the door panels

– Inspect the motor and/or regulator to make sure it is faulty

– If repairable, offer you the option to repair or replace the regulator

– Remove the regulator, if needed, and replace it with an OEM compliant part

– Check and make sure the window operates properly

– Replace the door panels

– Entire process usually takes about an hour